Shinobu Sensui
Shinobu Sensui
Name: 仙水忍
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 4
Card No#: U-021 Cost: 1
Set: 幽☆遊☆白書 Rarity: M
Color Produce:
4 1 4

Special Effect Text:
【エース(3)】 リンク 戦闘配備

【ACE (3)】, Link, Battle Deployment

Ability Effect Text:

(Auto A) 《[X・X]》 Negate the ACE of all friendly unit which is originally friendly owner with Red Designated Power (DNP) and X Total Nation Power (TNP) or below within the whole game.
(Auto A) 《[5・5]》 All friendly unit gain Raid.
(Auto A) 《[6・6]》 All friendly unit gain Swift Strike.
(Auto A) 《[7・7]》 All friendly unit gain High Mobility.

人間 聖光気

Human, Seikōki

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