Cancer no Schiller
Name: 蟹座(キャンサー)のシラー
Cancer no Schiller
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 5
Card No#: U-001 Cost: 0
Set: 聖闘士星矢Ω Rarity: M
Color Produce:
5 2 5

Special Effect Text:
エース(2) 聖闘士

ACE(2), Saint

Ability Effect Text:

(Battle Phase) <1> Scrap 1 friendly G with original description 「Trait: Cosmo」. In that case, choose 1 unit with Saint in friendly junkyard and negate the ACE, then move that unit into an in combat battle area in any position in reroll/active status. At the end of turn or if that unit leaves the field, remove that card from the game.

黄金聖闘士 水属性

Gold Saint, Water Element

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