Andromeda Constellation no Shun
Name: アンドロメダ星座の瞬
Andromeda Constellation no Shun
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 6
Card No#: U-018 Cost: 0
Set: 聖闘士星矢 冥王ハーデスエリシオン編 Rarity: M
Color Produce:
4 4 6

Special Effect Text:
エース(1) 聖闘士 ブースト

ACE(1), Saint, Boost

Ability Effect Text:

(Auto A) When this card is in battle area, during battle phase, enemy player, can only play 1 text for each step.

(Auto D) When friendly command play with 「Trait:Opposition」 resolved, look top 3 card on friendly deck and move 1 of the card from it into friendly hand.


Bronze Saint

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