Latooni & Shine
Name: ラトゥーニ&シャイン
Latooni & Shine
Types: Character DNP:
Red 1 Black 1
Color: TNP: 4
Card No#: CH-069 Cost: 0
Set: スーパーロボット大戦OG(EPISODE2 THE INSPECTOR) Rarity: MP
Color Produce:
1 2 3

Ability Effect Text:

[Normal]《0》 Remove from game two commands with 「Trait:Spirit」 from junkyard, if so negate destruction of this card set group.
[Normal]《1》 Negate 1 self card and move that card to friendly hand.

女性 子供 ブーステッド・チルドレン 別名「ラトゥーニ・スゥボータ/シャイン・ハウゼン」 集中 幸運

Female, Boosted Children, Alias[ Latooni Subota / Shine Hausen] , Concentration, Luck

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