SDF-1 マクロス(強攻型)
SDF-1 マクロス(強攻型)
Name: SDF-1 マクロス(強攻型)
SDF-1 Macross(Attack Mode)
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 8
Card No#: U-084 Cost: 2
Set: マクロスクルセイド Rarity: Metal Rare
Color Produce:
8 3 8

Special Effect Text:
エース(3) 強襲 装填(2) 《[3・7]》武装変更〔SDF-1〕

Ace(3), Raid, Supply(2), 《[3・7]》Change(SDF-1)

Ability Effect Text:

(AutoB): <[3-5]> If this card is in the Friendly Hand, at the begining of the Friendly Depployment Phase remove 3 Song Coins.
In that case this card enters the Friendly Deployment Area in Reroll Status.
(Damage Step): <R> Remove 5 Friendly Song Coins. In that case destroy all Enemy Units in the same Area as this card.

艦艇 LLサイズ

Warship, LL Size

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