ARX-7 アーバレスト
Name: ARX-7 アーバレスト
ARX-7 Arbalest
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 5
Card No#: U-001 Cost: 0
Set: フルメタル・パニック! Rarity: M
Color Produce:
5 0 5

Special Effect Text:
エース(2) 武装変更〔アーバレスト〕

Ace(2), Armament Change(Arbalest)

Ability Effect Text:

[Startup] When this card play onto field, Look at all the cards in the deck, and choose 1 card name "Sagara Sousuke" and set it on this unit.
[Startup]《[2・X]》 When this card sorties to attack, all players deal X damage to one self unit.

AS 専用「相良宗介」

AS, Custom Machine「Sagara Sousuke」

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