Plan1058 コダールi(ヴェノム)
Name: Plan1058 コダールi(ヴェノム)
Plan1058 Codarl-i(Venom)
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 5
Card No#: U-003 Cost: 1
Set: フルメタル・パニック! Rarity: R
Color Produce:
6 0 5

Special Effect Text:
エース(3) 戦闘配備 強襲 武装変更〔コダール〕

Ace(3), Battle Deployment, Raid, Armament Change(Codarl)

Ability Effect Text:

[Resident] When this card is in battle area, opponent cannot sortie units with with Ace(1) or Units without Ace to the same battle as this card.
[Defense Step] When this card begins battling, 1 opponent unit battling with this card gets 3 damage. In that case, that unit will lose all plus combat fixes in this step.

AS 専用「ガウルン」

AS, Custom Machine(Gauron)

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