Name: ベクターイクス
Vector X
Types: Unit DNP:
Color: TNP: 2
Card No#: U-008 Cost: 0
Set: アクエリオンEVOL/創聖のアクエリオン 創生からの進化 Rarity: Common
Color Produce:
1 1 1

Special Effect Text:
ブースト 高速戦闘

Boost, High Speed Battle

Ability Effect Text:

[Defense Step]《0》If this card is in a detachment as vanguard, move this card and 1 「Vector Z」and 1 「Vector Y」that is in this detachment to it's Owner's Hand. In that case, 1 Unit with 「Name: Aquarion Gepard」or 「Trait: Aquaria」in Friendly Junkyard enters Battle Area in reroll status.

アクエリオン ベクターマシン Mサイズ

Aquarion, Vector Machine, Msize

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